Experience of Case Pyhäjoki


It is both confusing and surprising to hear and to see how people from other parts of Finland as well as from all over the world see and understand the importance of Hanhikivi, the area where a nuclear power plant is planned to be built. They see the absurdity of the whole nuclear power project and its negative influence, even globally. How in the world this is not seen and understood here, and why are people not even bothered to look? Are we too close?

Within a short time, we have now twice had the chance to witness the importance of the battle against nuclear power. Now, when the artists and scientists from all over the world, participating in the cross-scientific and artistic Case Pyhäjoki camp, have given their greetings and expressed their support for us. Earlier in the spring, when the Peace Boat organization, a Japanese delegation visited in Pyhäjoki, we were perplexed to hear how important our struggle is even to them, people who have experienced the Fukushima disaster!

When you are in the center of this case, where the nuclear power company is attempting by force to get this "temporary solution", that is, the sixth or seventh nuclear power plant in Finland, built on to a greenfield site, you do not really always remember how important the widest and strongest possible resistance activities may ultimately be.

If we now succeed in convincing the local decision makers as well as the members of parliament of how much more humane, safe, economical, trouble-free and even perhaps easier it would also in this case be to resort to renewable, local energy produced in decentralized, small units and to develop these systems in the future, instead of engaging in this massive, eternity project the impact and outcome of which no one can at this stage know with any certainty, we can also have an effect for the better, sustainable development of energy production.

The first six years of the project have shown that the nuclear power company does not keep its promises, and that its plans are valid only until they have obtained the next permit or authorization to continue the project.
If we have the world’s best and most skilled engineers (of whom a large number will be unemployed soon), doesn’t anyone have an urge to start visioning how distributed systems could be networked and their automation developed further? Isn’t anyone interested in creating the famous "new Nokia" around developing renewable energy?

In my mind the world will change and adapt to the use and decentralized production of renewable energy as quickly as mobile phones or home computers evolved and became part of our daily lives.

11.8.2013 Thank You Case Pyhäjoki! http://casepyhajoki.info/



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