Waiting for the dark nights in Finland but not getting it for months – just a nice thing in Oulu Area


The picture is taken just after the midnight on June the 26th 2016 from our garden towards our neighbour cottage

Getting a lot of ideas for blogging

There was a young lady who wondered, what the time was here and why it is so bright when visiting our home at Kempele recently. She told me to write about it to my webpage of mrssantasite.com and tell it globally. So I got inspired by her. She also gave me a lot of ideas about blogging, too.

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Just a nice wreath of flowers

Young women swimming in the flower fields at Midsummer Night with a flower wreath on the head

I remembered the Midsummer Day 2016 when we did wreaths of flower, just to show young ladies that they should search for their future husband or boyfriend by having that beautiful wreath of flowers on the head and dancing naked in the field.

Midsummer in the City Park of Ainola 2011

Well, it was one night too late and just a joke because all nice traditions have gone somewhere in the old graveyards maybe because of the social media meeting apps! Anyway the groom should appear soon to the field at Midnight if we lived in the history.
Mark the Midsummer in your calendar!

Preparing the wreaths of flower in our kitchen

Our kitchen was full of flowers and full of hopes! But we did three nice wreaths of flower for us. There was a little grandson involved it the playing and a tiny dog. My husband was fishing salmon in Lapland, so I also was a lonely lady.

Three nice wreaths of flower for the Midsummer Night, well in your dreams!

I remembered all the photos and videos I took last summer at Midnight, that means it is a time for the Sun not going down at all and also the traditional Finnish Midnight, ”Juhannus”. I used Windows Phone model 1520 which is not supported any more.

That young lady did not tell me about the tradition of young girls looking for their future boyfriend by swimming in the flower field at midnight when the Sun doesn´t go down at all. She has namely found her husband already and has three children so it is not actual for her any more!

She told me to write about our beautiful and light nights, since she lives in Helsinki where there are not so bright nights at all. Well not so bright that in Oulu area anyway! She found it so interesting!

Visitors are always taken to Nallikari Camping by the seashore of Oulu

Nallikari Camping is really worth visiting

I wanted to show her the sandy sea shore at Nallikari Camping in Oulu. The picture is taken around ten o`clock at night on the eleventh of June 2017 and the Sun tried to go down but I told her it doesn´t do so even if we commanded.

We put our coats to warm up because there is not so warm yet and the wind is nearly always blowing from Sweden which is just on the other side of the Bothnic Gulf.
That blue and yellow country with 700 years united history together with the state of Sweden-Finland. Sometimes you recall these kind of things to matter as I drove my car smoothly towards Kempele home with my lady friend.

On the motorway, happy and proud of the freedom the Finnish women have at summer night with the beautiful scenery and hundreds of birch trees with mice ears.

At Nallikari Camping there were happy people welcoming the first summer days and bright nights to Oulu Area after a cold spring. Nearly-Lapland!

The field of Takalahti are so beautiful at day, at night, at any season. Thanks for the farmers!

Seeing the rainbow at midnight

Finally I found a rainbow in the sky above the forest at 23.57 on the 11th of June 2017. The photo was taken just before the midnight in Santamäki, Kempele, Finland. I used the iPhone 6s this time.

That vast field is recently ploughed and sought by our neighbour farmer for us to enjoy, farmers´s ancestors. The whole village is always eager to see that cornfield areas growing in the summer.

The ruffs and swans are resting on the fields when flowing towards Lapland.

The fields of Takalahti with all the animals and birds my husband is watching so eagerly night and day. He got a new camera from his friends and was nearly too happy about it! Like the squirrel he was shooting with the new equipment.

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Valokuvia juhannuksena Ainolanpuistosta 2011



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